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Are you tired of lockdown ? Do you miss your office and your bully boss ?

In Boss for a Day, you and your friends play as the boss of a big company, and two of its employees. 

Game playable only with 3 players. Please connect all 3 controllers before starting the game. ( You'll have to restart the game if a controller is not connected)


As employees : Complete as many tasks as possible before the times run out. You'll get paid two points for every successful task and lose one when failed.

As Boss :  Ensure that your employees do as many tasks as possible, fixing their tasks if they fail them, will save you two points. You can do their tasks but you'll get paid only one point.



Art: Charles Bouyssou / Paul Gaffney

Game design : Alexandre Begis / Marcus Do Rego / Thomas Escoffier

Game programming : Corentin Lelong / Siméon Malaret

Producing & Marketing : Jean Dambrine


BossForADay.zip 32 MB

Install instructions

1 - Download the .ZIP File "BossForADay.zip".

2 - Unzip your new file.

3- Launch 'ParsecJam' File.

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