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This is a demo, full game will release in 2022 on Steam. Wishlist here:  https://store.steampowered.com/app/1592780/ELIF/

ELIF is a puzzle-platformer transporting the player in an little girl's imaginary world. They will experience a wholesome narration following the main character Elif in the “bring your pet to school” day, without her parents, hiding in her imagination to beautify the real world where she will be helped by her dog Crocus. Together they will have to face challenges and succeed in the teacher's tests.

"Elif is a young 8 year old girl living with her two parents. She has a special place she goes to whenever she wants to be comfortable : her imagination. As a very carefree child, she will have to understand that things she doesn't like can be used and assimilated to serve a new purpose. Her parents decided to take a dog to warm her days when she is under the weather. Crocus the dog created a really strong bond with Elif as they were playing in and out of the house, throwing him toys and watching him crash into all sorts of couches as he rushed for the toy."

ELIF is a puzzle platformer game where you control Elif in third person. Your goal is to move from one environment to another, following Elif's story and sometimes helped by the narration to finish the level. Through puzzles and exploration, you will discover a wonderful world. 

The team recommends the use of a controller for an optimal experience.

  • Diegetic narration and storytelling helping the player
  • Cute and adorable story relating an unique journey as seen by a child
  • Experience a little girl's imaginary world beautifying the real world
  • Simple gameplay mechanics in relation with the narration
  • Awesome sound effects and music for a better immersion

Lead Producer: Jean Dambrine

Producers: Maxime Tailame, Loïc Andriantsoa

Lead Game Designer: Thomas Escoffier

Game Design: Quentin Chailleux, Alexandre BegisMark Kadzharov, Marcus Do Rego

Lead Programming: Siméon Malaret

Programming: François Dessarts, Camille Lavarde, Corentin Lelong

Lead Art: Paul Gaffney

Game Art: Mallaurie Le BihanCharles Bouyssou 

Lead Sound Designer: Pierre Yves Marrec

Sound Design: Pierre Ramey

Compositor: Thibault Casano

Voice Actress: Clara Thebault


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I can't play the game because i don't have/use a controller BUT i made a screenshot :D - feel free to add it to the page.