"I was not invited to the party. It was on a cruise ship. 10 guests. Some rich fools thinking they're better than me. I will show them how I have fun. I'm the master of disguise. Nothing's simpler, I kill the first fool who talks to me, and I take his place. And I kill them all. All I have left to do is get to know them well in order to replace them better.

Now that you know who I am, you will slip into my skin. Go on then, put on their masks, get to know their stories, don't get caught and end their pathetic rave-up."

Neptune's Demise is an interactive visual novel in which you play a serial killer inviting himself at a boat party, willing to kill everyone before the journey's end.

This game was made in a week by a team of 11 people as part of a student game jam.

-Use your memory - Remember personnal details about the characters to answer correctly the guest’s questions. 

-Increasing Difficulty - The more people you kill, the harder the questions will get.

-Replayability - Discover new levels of difficulty and more informations about your victims

-Facial Recognition Technology - Production team’s faces were used to create 3d lifelike faces in the game’s engine.


Programming: Nam Mirbeau-Baudin (Lead Dev) / Alexis Sainsard / Yannis de Macedo

Art: Charles BouyssouAlexandre Roblin

Game design: Eloïse Gur / Thomas Escoffier / Mark Kadharov 

Producing & Marketing : Audrey Amiable / Jean Dambrine / Nicolas Villard

Trailer : Manon Popielarz

Sound : Dan Henig/ Vans in Japan / Asher Fulero / Sir Cubworth / Dan Bodan / Alge/ Biz Baz Studio/ Amulets

1. Download our NeptuneDemise.apk on your Android phone or tablet

2. Install the game

3. Kill everyone


NeptuneDemise.apk 43 MB

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