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Your are Djinn Alwaqt, the Genie of Time.

Walk through an ancient city in less than a few seconds, using only your minions to foil your enemies' traps and puzzles.  Reach the magical portal at the end of each level by twisting time itself.

Djinn Awalqt was made in 3 days by a team of 11 people as part of Ludum Dare 47 game jam.

-Progress through levels using your time bending abilities.
-Once you've used your time, a minion spawns and redo all of your previous actions.
-Use your minions to unlock a safe passage to the end of the level.
-Time flows only when you move.

(If you are a frenchie using an AZERTY keyboard, use ZQSD or the arrow keys to move.)

You also can use LEFT CLICK BUTTON on your mouse to guide your character around the desert.

Jean Dambrine
 Audrey Amiable

Game Design
Eloi Fromangé-Gonin
 Mark Kadzharov

Yannis de Macedo
Nam Mirbeau-Baudin
Alexis Sainsard

Maxime Templé
Mallaurie Le Bihan
Charles Bouyssou

Sound Design & Music
 Florent Dappe


  1. Download the .RAR File "DjinnAlwaqt_WIN.rar"
  2. Unzip your new file
  3. Launch the executable
  4. Enjoy !


  1. Download the .ZIP File ""
  2. Unzip your new file
  3. Launch the executable
  4. Enjoy !



DjinnAlwaqt_WIN.rar 57 MB
Download 67 MB

Development log


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It is so beautiful and fun! 

Congratulations you made a fantastic work! 

I have been looking for the source code on the jam place but I am unable to find it. 

Could you please post a link? 



Petit jeu fort sympathique, j'adore l’ambiance a la journey. :)

Mais les contrôles afficher ne sont pas les bon.

Merci beaucoup pour le retour. Est-ce possible d'être plus précis sur le problème avec les contrôles afin de le corriger ? :)


Problème résolu vous êtes des génie ;)